cuisine in bloom {original oil}

cuisine in bloom by katrina berg, oil on cradled masonite, 1 1/2″ painted sides (no need to frame)

purchase this piece on Zatista

I’ve been thinking about all the things we create in the kitchen or la cuisine each day.  There is so much joy that comes from being self-sufficient, learning how to create something new, or simply, making a mess with the kiddos.

I love all the learning that takes place in our kitchen, and even though at times it seems there is no end to the kitchen creating and & cleaning,  it brings us all joy.  I’ve decided that the kitchen is the room I enjoy cleaning most.  We love being there.  It is the heart of our home.  We cook, work, do homework, and art projects: all in the kitchen.

This summer we’ve began a daily bread routine, learned to can/bottle our favorite garden soups, sauces, salsas, etc.  Our pantry is now full of gloriously beautiful glass bottles and a rainbow of colors {mostly rainbows of red from the salsa, tomato sauce, & tomato soup}.

cuisine in bloom is the start of a new series depicting the beauty that can grow in our homes…in our kitchens as we learn together and teach one another the basic beauties of food, cooking, and self-sustaining skills.  I hope one day my children will look back at these memories and find themselves full of skills, joy, and my love for each of them.

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