plein air paradise 2010

renaissance men by katrina madsen berg, 16×20 oil on wrapped canvas, available framed

There is just something amazing about painting en plein air (on site).  I can see why early impressionists loved it so.  The last day of the main competition, I was painting renaissance men, Midway home of Gary and Jessi.  The wind was wild and unruly.  As I painted with one hand, the other was holding the canvas and easel.  I’ve never had so many bugs and tree seeds/dust fly onto to the canvas while painting.  But I guess that is the beauty of plein air.  I just painted them all into the piece and now there is that lovely imperfect bits here and there on the canvas that make it more real and gives the piece character.  I think I should paint stuff into the art more often.  🙂

The contest is always an inspiring week.  I feel like I learn so much and the way I see the world improves each year.  Looking forward to more plein air while the weather holds!

Enjoy your day,


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