art website up!!! is officially up and running.  John has done a beautiful job!  Now to figure out how to blog and update it…:)

Meanwhile, just finished a fantastic plein air week.  Nance came up and for the 5th year in a row we were able to paint in Wasatch Plein Air Paradise together.  🙂  Truly a highlight of each year.   Here are Nance’s 5 paintings she did in a mere two mornings:

As for myself…8 new paintings completed and displayed this weekend along with studio pieces: muffler shop and taking off.

Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing any of these paintings {Nancy’s or mine}, or trying them out in your home for a month.   Goodness…we need a new gallery space for all of these paintings!  🙂

Hope everyone had a joyful and fire-crackin’ 4th.  The kiddos, designer and I sure did…we were wiped-out afterwards!  The kiddos played with their cousins and more cousins all weekend long, slippin’ slidin’, swimming, playing in the tepee, and eating lots of delicious food:


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