guest posting & an update of sorts

My Domain ( officially expired this week and for some reason I couldn’t get into my account to post that I was guest posting yesterday on Progressive Pioneer and today on Mormon Mommy Blogs.

Here are the links: Progressive Pioneer & Mormon Mommy Blogs

Meanwhile, my art website should be up and running the end of next week. Crossing my fingers! The new chair pieces are coming along and lining our walls. 🙂

Our niece is being baptised tomorrow afternoon…so looking forward to that!

I’m teaching a nutrition class Tuesday evening (the 8th of June)…let me know if you’d like to come and I’ll give you the details.

My brothers are graduating from High School and Middle School, so we’re road trippin’ it to Cali next Friday. We’ll be gone for a week, but just enough to get a bit busy tying loose ends for our upcoming wba gallery Garden Show Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th in Janice’s lovely Garden in Heber City. More to come…:)

Hope you’re all enjoying the brink or the beginnings of Summer!!! xoxo, katrina

3 thoughts on “guest posting & an update of sorts

  1. If you’re passing through LV and need a pit stop, give us a holler. Have a fun trip!

    PS: That pic of your artwork is stunning, stunning, stunning. You are a marvel.

    • Oh, I’d love to see you…we may come through Sat…but i’ll email you when I know for sure. xoxo

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