development – homemade burrito bowls

There are several things I still miss about living in Las Vegas:

  • the smell of the creosote bush (thanks to Damon, a professor) just after a light rain
  • the flowers, art gallery, gelato, and water shows at the Bellagio
  • Ethel M’s cactus garden
  • watching the planes land just off McCarren Airport’s runway
  • nearly daily swims at Caesar’s Palace
  • good food with fabulous friends…yes, you know who you all are!
  •  speaking of food…
  • paymon’s mediterranean grill
  • sushi at the Palms (little buddah…thx Chris)
  • the Persian restaurant that went out of business after the builder was born
  • our fav Mexican restaurants…oh what are their names?
  • the Indian buffet we ate at that put me into labor
  • oh, and Chipotle (I know, you can find it anywhere these days…but still not in Heber Valley). 

At first it was hard to be away from such incredible food.  But then we slowly became adventurous and began cooking them ourselves.  And now, we prefer our burrito bowl to any at Chipotle’s.

homemade burrito bowls

papa’s perfect beans
artisan lettuce
fresh chives
fresh cilantro

We’ve also used corn and harissa to spice up our bowls.  Enjoy!

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