the end of the daily delights; and a new beginning

harvest by katrina madsen berg, 11×14 oil on canvas

The designer and I had a big talk last night and decided the time has come.  Over the past couple years, I’ve pursued my art and my purpose in art.  Now it is time to focus full-time on my art {full-time meaning 2 or 3 hours a night when the kiddos are asleep :)}. 

We’re going for it. 

Taking a big leap with gallery representation as the goal.

Right now, my time is limited.  What I’ve come to realize is that what truly makes me happy, and what I love doing, is painting.  Though I’m selling online, I’d like to focus on the creating and allow the professionals to do the selling.  Doesn’t it sound so romantic?  You can tell I’m so in the dream phase still.

To achieve the goal, more time than I’m currently giving to painting will be required.  I don’t have time to do all love to do.  So I’m giving up the daily delights.

And the majority of my blogging…(I’ve authored or regularly contributed on 13 over the past 3 years…I know…crazy!)

The daily delights will still be here.  I’m going to let the domain expire, so if you want to access the recipes, or anything else, just save to your bookmarks. 

Meanwhile, I’m going to launch a new site.  My professional artist site.  I’ll post it on here when it is ready, or leave me a comment on this post if you want the new site info emailed to you.

I’ll still blog, but only my art progress and updates on the new site.  I’m hoping this will give me the time I need to create while keeping my family and faith first in priority.

Other places you can still find me: – I’ll continue to contribute at least once a month
and – our local art gallery

Thanks to all of you for this delightful journey!

To new beginnings!!

12 thoughts on “the end of the daily delights; and a new beginning

  1. I will be sorry to lose your writings on this site, but really excited for you to continue to progress in your dreams. Wishing you the best of luck and will keep reading you on mormonmommyblogs!

  2. Good for you, Trina!!! I’m also sad this blog will have to go but I totally get it. I’m so excited for you in this next stage of your creative development. Do you think you could post a link on here when you post at MMB? I always forget to check the blog there. hugs and best wishes!

  3. Oh, I’ll miss your blog! So upbeat and inspirational. Enjoy this new adventure–it sounds dreamy to be able to really focus on a talent you are passionate about.

    • Thx Amber! One of the best parts of blogging is renewing friendships…I’m not giving that part up. 🙂 I know the time will come that I’ll have more time for the daily delights, I just think it’s gonna be a while…till the kiddos born and unborn are all in school! 🙂 For sure, I’ll still make my rounds over at all of your blogs…xoxo

  4. Katrina,

    I’m so so excited for you. I’ll miss hearing from you on Daily Delights, but this is a big and important step. So fun. Can’t wait to see how fantastically this will all turn out.


  5. Trina!
    How wonderful. I dream of some day learning to paint. I think you are very wise. Best wishes on your venture. It is amazing how the computer can suck all our precious time. You definitely have the talent to make your goals!

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