delight – the builder is 5!

Dear builder,

{And for the record, you reminded us this week that you are going to be a builder when you grow up.  :)}

Happy 5th buddy!  I have a hard time believing it’s already been 5 years.  We’ve learned and grown so much together.  I remember wondering what it would be like to have a big brother, and you are doing an amazing job. 

Lately you explain to me that I need a big boy helper.  It makes me smile.  When I wasn’t feeling well this week, you would hold my hands and walk me to get you a piece of toast.  Yes, both hands.  You are very loving, protective, and loyal. 

You are frequently reminding us to “Choosing the Right”…especially when you think someone is not making a good choice.  ha ha.  I love that you are considering your choices so intently.

You have a great desire to learn and to teach others.  During preschool you are kind and supportive of your sister as she learns along side you.

Lately you’ve learned to do so many things by yourself.  You love to help cook, clean, do laundry, help the explorer get his shoes on, and even change his diaper.  {only the wet ones of course}.  Just the other night you were determined to make pancakes.  As you look closely at the photo, you can see that you flipped them all by yourself.  Boy were you proud!


Going to kindergarten this Fall will be so exciting, and I know that you’ll be ready.  I love to hear you sing your abc’s and songs from music together.  Especially when you make up new songs and change the lyrics.  You and the dancer make each other giggle as you sit on your stools trying to make the next silliest song together as I cook lunch or dinner.  It makes my day.

I love you so very much and can’t wait to see all that you learn and accomplish this next year!



6 thoughts on “delight – the builder is 5!

  1. What lovely children you have! They are adorable. I love your paintings! They are so beautiful and I’ve enjoyed just scrolling through your blog to look at them!

    • Thx Amy! 🙂 What painting are you standing in front of in your profile photo and on your blog header?

    • Hi Ronda! I’ve been thinking of you. We’ve just begun planting for our garden and I’ve been meaning to tell you that there are some plants in your planter that may have survived from last year: lemon thyme, halepeno peppers, parsley, some tomatoes, and more peppers, with daylilies behind. 🙂 Let me know when you’re up. xoxo

  2. amazing how big he is getting! i liked seeing him cooking at the stove. i need to let justin help me with that. 🙂 are there any stove cooking rules you talk to him about?

    • Hi Julie 🙂 So far, we’ve just talked about the heat aspect. He knows to only touch his spatula…I know we’ll encounter more, but pancakes are a great way to start because they aren’t stirring things that will splash onto them. 🙂

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