development – painting: wild roses

wild roses, 9×12 oil on wrapped canvas, (sides painted pink to match)

here to purchase

It’s snowing outside…again.  But my chives have begun to grow and Spring, with all it’s glorious mud, I am sure, will arrive for good.  I ordered our heirloom seeds for the garden last week and we’ll start them inside as soon as they arrive.  Who knows when the last frost will be this year?  Meanwhile, I’m grateful for Spring, for new beginnings, for the opportunity to celebrate Easter, to ponder our Savior’s resurrection, and of course to renew my faith and intent.  Enjoy your Easter weekend.  

Hope everyone has as lovely a time as my cousins…rolling eggs down the White Hills and rolling in tires (one of my fondest childhood memories from the ranch)!  Can’t wait for the photos! 

What tradition will you be enjoying this weekend?  I think we’ll be coloring, hiding and finding eggs between Conference Sessions…:)

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