development – painting: green art deco chair

green deco art chair, 9×12 oil on wrapped canvas (sides painted green to match)

here to purchase

Another chair in the series dedicated to the dancer…:)  Speaking of the dancer, she explained to me one day last week that, “mommies paint on that {canvas} and kids paint on paper.”

As for the builder, he asked me one afternoon, “Why do we have a painter momma?”  It took me a while to figure out what he was asking.  (I know, I was having a slow day).  But then it made me smile.  Later when he, the dancer, and I were all creating in the art studio, I mentioned that they are good painters.  Here the builder explained, “No, I’m a builder mom.”  🙂 

Well I guess they will have different times in their lives where they will think they are certain things or not certain things.  And, I’m sure they’ll wonder more about their momma: Why she doesn’t buy them candy or cereal in a box, or take them to McDonald’s and all kinds of things.  But for now, the builder is wondering why he has a momma painter….:)

What funny queries have you been posed lately?

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