delight – the builder is in!

I just received the best phone call from my friend Shauna!  The builder has officially been accepted into the Soldier Hollow Charter School

The board drew the raffle last night and Shauna knew of my anxiety and called in this morning to find out {knowing how much we have been hoping}.  I hadn’t even had time to really think about it and here was her fabulously huge heart on the other end of the line…giving me the good news!

We will miss our builder during the day!  And yet, what exciting adventures await…I can only imagine! 

Being a part of a school that thrives on parent involvement, a focus on hands-on learning, the outdoors, math, science, the arts, learning to ski during P.E., fieldtrips…I am so excited for him!

Until then, we’ll continue our studies at home, learning to read, write, sing, cook, discover, and play together.  After all, we do have restaurant to run these days:

The designer helped the kiddos build an ice cream parlor last week, and we’ve been enjoying it ever since.

We don’t want Chef Ramsay to come and fell overwhelmed, so yesterday, we spent time cleaning, and organizing the kitchen: putting the food in a “fridger” and the dishes in their place as well.

Then we worked on a menu and signs for our restaurant.

I love the way the builder would lay out the colored pencils to make sure he had his color scheme just right before coloring the scoops of ice cream.

When the menu was made and prices decided upon, the kiddos placed them above, accordingly.

We re-opened for business, ordering and cooking from our new menu.

So next time you’re around, make sure and stop by the kiddo’s new restaurant, and bon appetit!

3 thoughts on “delight – the builder is in!

  1. I am so excited for you! We are currently going through the decison process with Gavyn’s schooling….We are in Jordan School District, I am sure you have been hearing that great drama. I applied to our charter school, and he didn’t get accepted with their lottery system. 😦 We were disappointed. We went to our nearby elementary school’s orientation and I was schocked by it all to say the least, (I don’t think they have updated anything since it opened in the late 70’s and I have many additional schooling concerns with it) so now we are going to tour the private schools this week to figure out where our cute boy is going! Needless to say, I am VERY thrilled for you and slightly jealous 😉

  2. Wow. I was actually thinking of all of you in the Jordan School District when writing the post this morning. We’ve watched so much on the news…it’s just so alarming. Then watching last night’s news saying that huge cut backs on Utah’s education in addition to all that is going on in Jordan…I was absolutely appalled. Good for you trying out all your options. I’m so hoping that the private school tour with Gavyn goes well. What makes me even more frustrated is the whole voucher thing. There will be other parents like you and Burke that will do whatever it takes to give you children the education you see fit. In the process, there will be multiple parents paying for public school through taxes as well as the fees for private/homeschooling. It makes me sad that the school districts were so quick to stop vouchers, when at this point, less students would definitely be helping them…especially since the money is not taken out of the school fun to pay for the vouchers. Keep me posted!

  3. I was just talking with Burke about the voucher thing last night. How sad it didn’t pass because I believe if it did, I don’t think our state would be in the mess that it is in now. It would have benefitted in so many areas and so many families. I will keep you posted on our “school search”.

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