development – painting: lovely holiday home

lovely holiday home, 16×20 oil on canvas, SOLD

This is one of my favorite homes in Heber City, UT. It is located in the heart of Heber and is simply charming. Although I don’t know the owners, just like their home, they are warm & friendly. Several times a week this past spring and summer, the kids & I would bicycle through town together and pass this wonderful home on the way to “Grandma’s” or “Aunt Kathryn & Charlotte’s.” I rarely missed passing the home, for I love it so much. Every once in a while, some of the family would be out enjoying the morning in their spacious yard, waving at us as we passed their lovely abode.

Do you have a favorite home you love to admire…perhaps you go out of your way to drive by…even though you don’t know the owners?  No, I’m not a stalker…just a house admirer…:)

{i’m updating my painting archives…enjoy :)}

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