development – painting: kathryn + charlotte’s home

kathryn + charlotte’s home, 16×20 oil on canvas

Though my kids & I first think about how this is the home of Aunt’s Kathryn & Charlotte, it was the home they grew up in, along with their brothers: Kent, and Dale Berg (the designer’s father).
Many traditions began in the home by Ray & Lola Berg (Dale’s parents). These and many new ones are regularly shared with Dale & Kent’s family. The great grandchildren look forward to special holiday parties put on by their wonderful aunts. Kathryn & Charlotte make each holiday special and are always interested in the latest excitement of each of their nieces & nephews.
As for me, Ray & Lola’s home (now Kathrn & Charlotte’s home) was the site I first met the extended Berg family. Carl & I were newly dating, & he had invited me to Thanksgiving with his family. There were many in attendance that holiday, and I was glad I hadn’t been quized on the names of those I’d just met. I felt comfortable with the large family, realizing that their numbers and kindness were very similar to my father’s extended Madsen family & their holiday gatherings. Good memories…and many more to come!

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