development – handmade book: xander the great

This story wrote itself…you see, Xander has been doing everything early: growing, moving, climbing, and amazing us all.  The story is merely a tiny embellishment of his current life as an amazing 2 year-old.  🙂  Happy Birthday Xander!  We luv you! 

Here are some of my favorite pages:

Handmade books have brought a whole new literary adventure for our lil’ family.  The kiddos have loved making stories with me in the past, but having the blank books make it so much more real to them.  They get so excited every time it is time to work on a new story.  Last week the dancer asked whose birthday is next.  Then she disappeared and began creating her own book for Ashlynn.  I couldn’t get upset with her because it was so cute.  I think I better buy some more blank books just for the kiddos to use.  🙂

Speaking of Literacy, we just had our first planning meeting for this year’s Library Literary Picnic.  We’re making an extra effort to include literacy in every aspect of the Picnic.  If you are local to the Heber Valley and would like to participate, please let me know.  We’re gonna need all the help we can get this year to make the dream a reality!

2 thoughts on “development – handmade book: xander the great

    • Thx Valerie :), you can tell where my hand is getting tired or I think about it too much…just not the same. lol

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