kiddo daily delight – papa’s snow fort

The kiddos love their Nana & Papa, just the other day, the explorer was talking to me about them.  I’m so grateful for the time they take to make memories with the kiddos.  It means so much to all of us.

Papa had big plans for the kiddos when the designer and my siblings went to board and ski in Park City for the day.  He asked for some gloves and a shovel and went to work.  My mom thought he was digging trails in the yard.  But I knew it would be something really cool.

I didn’t get a great photo of the top afterwards, but it is covered, and though we’ve had some warm sunshine among the storms the past few weeks since the raising of the fort, it still stands proudly and has been enjoyed by the kiddos day after day.

The explorer took a short nap that afternoon.  Clearly, he wanted nothing but to get back into that fort.  Nana took him out and watched him move snow in and out of the fort for a very long time.  He was in heaven!  Nearly everyday, at some point, he runs to the cupboard, pulls out boots, then to the closet for a hat, and finally to the door, calling to me, “no mamma, no”, meaning, “snow.”

3 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – papa’s snow fort

    • Hi Lindsey, 🙂 I’m grateful for every moment/memory my kiddos have with their Papa. He is a beautiful man. 🙂

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