kiddo daily delight – wood cuts and pastels

My family came up for the weekend not too long ago.   They love surprising the kiddos with things they’ve discovered or stuff my younger brothers no longer use.  I was going through a box of my old piano books when I found a stack of wood block cut outs.  I set them aside thinking the kiddos would enjoy painting them.

But when they were discovered the next day, the kiddos had plans of their own.  They decided to use their oil pastels to decorate the wood blocks.  I love what they came up with.

I loved this apple…the builder wanted it to look, “just like a real apple, mamma, with a green leaf and brown stem!”

The builder and explorer even worked together on a couple.  The multi colored ones are by the dancer.  After they were satisfied, the dancer kept disappearing with her creations.

She was taking them outside to dry.  🙂

Thanks Papa!!!

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