development – painting: home at the end of the yellow brick road

home at the end of the yellow brick road, 16×20 oil on canvas, available at the wba

Another favorite home in Heber City’s Old Town.  The owners have recently renovated this beauty and have done a fabulous job. 

I can’t help but think about Dorothy when I look at the yellow siding.  It’s just the charming sort of home she’d want to come home to after her wild adventure in Oz.  The yellow brick road brought her to what she cared about most…her family.  

There are so many charmful homes in Heber Valley.  I love to picture who lives there…whether it is a small family, or an older couple who’s children have taken that love and are living in a charmful home of their own now.  The memories that must have taken place within.  The games, the music, the laughter, tears, and sorrow.  And yet, all I see is the warm, welcoming, red door and some sweet windows wanting to be peeked out of. 

I want to build this sort of home (or at least one that feels this way), for my lil’ family one day….

What sort of home do you dream of?

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