development – painting: brittoni + tyler’s dreamhome

brittoni + tyler’s charleston dream home, 6×8 oil on wrapped canvas

Do you have a dream home?   I sure do.  It’s wrapped up inside my lil’ head.  I was thinking about the mudroom the other day…bright tall but not very wide windows, plenty of room to sit and take off shoes, soft rug over the cork floors.  Room for guest shoes, hats, coats, and gear.  A space for each family member with their own drawer for their gloves and hats.  Hooks to hang up their backpacks and purses…hand painted artwork on the ceiling…perhaps a family tree, or hands clasped in love…

Well a girl can dream can’t she?

Brittoni did.  And she dreamed big.  Her dad helped her with the construction design part as the architect, but the dream was hers.  Brick flooring and an inviting entry full of windows on both sides…a charming custom fireplace, a balcony overlooking the family room with plants growing down to the lower level…so many artful spots throughout.  She truly put her heart into every nook and cranny of that home.  And it has become her sanctuary.  Love you Brittoni and Tyler…get some rest and holler when you need a break!

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