advent activities – letters to santa + the legend of holly claus

Holly Claus: The Christmas Princess (Julie Andrews Collection)  I spotted  Holly Claus: The Christmas Princess on sale after Christmas Last year in Deseret Book.  It is quickly becoming a favorite around our home.   I’ve been impressed by Brittany Ryan’s story, the imagination, the moral, and the beautiful illustrations.  She even has her own website

Anyways, what touched me was the story of a boy who had never written to Santa, for he didn’t feel he needed anything.  Then one year he wrote Santa asking if there was anything Santa doesn’t have that he wishes for most, and that he would do everything in his power to make that wish come true.  As you can imagine, this brought Santa to tears as he read the letter and admitted to Mrs. Claus that the only thing he didn’t have that he deeply wanted was a child.  Thus sets the stage.  It is a beautiful story.  I look forward to reading it each Season long, seeing what the kiddos grasp and what touches them most.

Meanwhile, we wrote to Santa.  We have connections I guess you can say, and if you live in the Heber Valley, I would recommend writing to Santa (sending it to Heber City…for the response will come from one of my very favorite people in the whole world). 

I love to watch the dancer concentrate and work so thoughtfully.

Where the builder was very concerned with the content.  He then wanted to wrap up our left-over krispie treats for Santa and send them as well.  I looked at them…they were pretty dried out, and suggested we make some more.  🙂

Someday I’ll show the kiddos the posts I’ve recorded about their letters to Santa, and I think it will make quite a memory!

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