advent activities – are you adventing?

   Happy Advent-ing everyone!  Are you doing advent activities?  I’m having trouble keeping it all up-to-date on the blog, but we’re having a delightful advent season.  For homemade advent ideas, click here.  For  advent activities here is our advent archive.  What are your favorite advent activities?  How about Holiday kiddo books?  We’re always looking for new ideas.  🙂  Bon Noel, tout le monde!

4 thoughts on “advent activities – are you adventing?

  1. We just made a list of 25 Christmassy things to do to put into the pockets of our giant felt advent calendar. They including finding pinecones to use as Christmas decorations, making & eating Christmas cookies, and being a Secret Santa for someone for the day.

    Hope you are well!
    PS: We’ll be in Provo later in Dec. Crazy time of year but maybe we can meet up if you’re not too busy?

  2. Fabulous ideas! Sounds like you’ve got some wonderful memories to share in the next couple weeks. And yes, I would luv luv to meet up. We’re going to my parents’ for Christmas and will be home the 29th, if that works, call me! xoxo

  3. Trina, I just went to Janet’s etsy store to see this woman who looks just like me:) You are a nut. SHE is gorgeous and elegant. Thank you for the comparison, but I think you need glasses sweetie!! Thanks for the compliment however. Isn’t that neat you found me on her site?? I just adore every single thing she does.

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