discovery – a lesson in humility

A few days after the move, and I was tired…soo very tired.  A move, a beautiful wedding, and a new online gallery: all wonderful things, all within a week’s time.  

The kiddos and I had enjoyed a morning of preschool in the new house.  Some of the same, a few new things too…I’ve begun teaching them some Christmas Carols: Away in A Manger, Frosty the Snowman (the builder’s request), and my personal fun favorite: I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  

Ever since our road trip last week they have been into momma telling them stories, which I love, btw.  So I recounted the story of the Savior’s birth before we sang Away in a Manger.  They cradled favorite dolls and animals and rocked them while we sang.  We marched around singing and acting out the story of Frosty the Snowman, and choreographed movement to our Hippopotamus song.  

At the end of our session, we made some Gingerbread.  No, not the Gingerbread men…but the bread.  The recipe still needs work (apparently, as I have been the only one enjoying it the past few days…it was a bit dry).  

When the designer came home for lunch, we all walked together down the path through the common space in our community to the mailbox.  We took a quick tour ‘round the pool that we hope to frequent this coming Summer.  

After the designer returned to work, I put the explorer down for a nap, and the older kiddos were settled in the loft for quiet time.  I looked around the kitchen, at the remains of the gingerbread and lunch smoothies and sandwiches.  The dishwasher was nearly full and could be clean by dinner.  I stood at the sink and felt extra lightheaded;  lightheaded, and sick to my stomach.  

So I told the kiddos I was going to take a nap.  This is a rare occasion, and I’ve trained them to leave me alone unless absolutely necessary.  They have been a dream the past couple times I’ve needed to nap. 

I remember the pillow and the blanket.  But that is it.  Soon I heard rustling.  I woke to find I had slept for an hour and felt much better.  Up to the loft to see how the kiddos were doing, I found they had created their own museum with our paintings and such that have not yet been hung.  They were so proud of themselves, and I was thankful for the rest.  

Back to the kitchen to tackle the mess before preparing dinner.  That was when I spotted the plate of freshly-made cookies…amidst the smoothie glasses and bread maker.  There was also a list of residents in our neighborhood and their latest info.  I know two of our neighbors so far, only one knew we were there.  

2 great emotions rushed over me:

  1. concern for my children’s safety, and
  2. utter humility as the negligent mother asleep when a neighbor came to call 

Immediately I asked the kiddos where the cookies came from.  They were so excited to tell me about our new neighbor who brought us some cookies.  (Incredibly enough, they had not eaten one.  Instead, they wanted me to hide them as a surprise for the designer).  I asked who it was but only got, “You know mom, she has a big red coat that zips up?”  

Because our door is so easy to unlock, I have been telling them the past day or two that they are only to open the door if momma says it’s okay.  I reminded them of this rule, but the builder explained that I’d been asleep.  Wow.  Tough call.  So we have now made the door bell an exception to waking momma from a desperate nap.  🙂 

Once I felt that the kiddos were again safe, I realized that our sweet neighbor had not only visited a sleeping momma, but a kitchen full of dishes.  

Realizing it was better to accept the humility lesson and let go of the embarrassment I felt, I chose to clean the kitchen and be satisfied that the kiddos were safe spending a moment with our sweet neighbor.  Truly, a lesson to chalk up on my ever-growing list.  🙂 

How is your list these days?  I sure hope it is shorter than mine!  🙂

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