advent activities – caroling prep

The kiddos and I are building a repertoire of holiday carols in hopes of doing some caroling this year.  We’re working on traditional carols, religious carols, and of course some fun and silly songs.   It’s become a part of our day the past week or so, and I find the kiddos singing Frosty or the Hippopotamus song while playing or helping.  Today, I played the piano for a while as we sang and then they took a turn of their own.  I love their expressions in this photo: pure joy!

I have fond memories of Caroling with family friends every beginning of the Holiday Season.  I love that my parents would make it a priority.  It would always occur the first Monday evening in December.  We would get together and eat soup, chili, corn, bread, and such.  After we ate, Virginia Deland would gather the children mostly to the piano and we would practice.  Soon we were piling into large vehicles to visit neighbors, friends and new neighbors to the neighborhood.  Throughout the night we would end up in different cars and with different friends.  It was a game to us.  I loved singing my heart out in the cool wind.  We would leave a treat of goodies and race to the next car.   It was my favorite part of the holiday Season for sure!

Here are a couple caroling books I’d like to get:

A Classic Christmas Caroling Songbook: 30 Sing-Along Favorites  A Classic Christmas Caroling songbook: 30 Sing-along favorites

The Christmas Caroling Songbook     The Christmas Caroling Songbook from the From Hal Leonard Corporation

As for a fun story to read with the kiddos, I’ve been eyeing:

Victoria Rose's Christmas Caroling Party   Victoria Rose’s Christmas Caroling Party by Susan Wheeler…wondering if it will help me share my caroling memories with the kiddos.

Did you go caroling as a kid?  What are your fondest memories?

2 thoughts on “advent activities – caroling prep

  1. My dad spearheaded the caroling every year. it wasn’t a choice, it was an event. Over the years we brought violins, dogs on leashes, babies, scarves and plenty of homemade tin foil wrapped pumpkin bread for friends and neighbors.

    PS: Love this pic! They look so twinnish!!

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