advent activities – our homemade advent

As we decorated the house with our Christmas delights, I was excited to pull out our advent envelopes we made last year. 

What began as a desire to share a part of the Holidays with the kiddos and create a new tradition, became a Season filled with love, excitement, learning, and sharing.   By January we didn’t want it to end and began our kiddo daily delights

I wanted to do something special with them each day until Christmas.  Something that they help me do and look forward to each day.  I remember baking a Christmas treat with our mom each day for 2 weeks until Christmas. 

An advent calendar seemed just the way to do this and help the kiddos visually see when Christmas would arrive.  Some of our activities were simple like finding holiday books at the library, others were exciting like going to see the lights at Temple Square.  We wrote letters to Santa and danced to the Nutcracker in the Living Room. 

Sooo…we’ll be doing an advent activity everyday (actually, we’ve all ready started :)!) And would love to have you join us!  To make your homemade advent, here is what we did last year (full of photos and how-to-instructions).  Or perhaps you’ll come up with one of your very own that you’ll have to share with us.

I made a list of some things I’d like to do this year, some repeats, some new things, and oh, how excited I am to do each one with the kiddos!   This year we’ll have a correlating children’s book with each activity.  So stay tuned…I promise a Season of wonderment for you and yours!

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