delight – a hug of awe for nie nie

Dear Friends, when you meet one of those rare people in this world whom you truly admire, and you have a moment to express your appreciation, what do you say?

 I had just that opportunity the other evening. While in the crisper section of Costco I spotted Nie Nie. Immediately, I asked her if I could give her a hug, reminded her what a beautiful person she is and thanked her for being such an inspiration to us all.

You know that wonderful, powerful feeling you get when you read her blog? Well magnify it by at least 10…that is what I was feeling. She is truly beautiful. That precious lil’ body of hers cannot hold the huge spirit that is squished within. I was in awe of her, her love, determination, peace, courage, and strength. I was afraid I would cry.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that special moment I had to show her my love and appreciation. And I wish I had been able to say all I would love to tell her. Foolish me, didn’t even introduce myself. This momma-artist felt so small and unimportant compared to the queen I was meeting. I didn’t feel it was necessary and didn’t want to overwhelm her with the unimportant. Now I wish I had, and I wish I had formally introduced her to the designer and kiddos. I think she would have liked that. I was afraid I was taking up her time…precious time.

As I reflect the impact she has had on the mothering world, the female world, the Christian world, and every where in between, I cannot help but think of her great calling. Just the fact that she and Christian survived that horrible fire is an absolute miracle. I can’t help but think that she has a great work here on Earth to do…and boy is she doing it!

I’m not even sure how many nights and days I’ve prayed…pleaded for she and her beautiful family after reading her latest entry or update. Prayed for her to continue in her resolve…that she will continue to be a beacon of hope to so many, a light to those in search of truth, and an example to us all.

I struggle and keep working on celebrating each mothering moment, the simple joys of motherhood. And here is Stephanie: she has got it! If only I could have a week of Stephanie-style mothering…I think our lil’ world would be a better place: a home full and brimming over with a greater love, patience, understanding, kindness, and forgiveness.

Stephanie, I love you. We love you! And I hope to see you again soon! Congratulations on everything you have endured, overcome, and accomplished this year…I am ever so in awe! xoxo

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