gayle n justin forever

I luv weddings…especially when they are of bffs and are ever soo happy!  Gayle, Elizabeth, Laura, & I, were roomies in Italy for a semester.  Times to be remembered.  Actually, there are few days I don’t think of my lovely Las Rosas.  

Now, the lovely Gayle has found her soul mate.  They have had a beautiful beginning and a great lifetime ahead of them.  Jonas is one lucky little guy!  Luv you girl!  Congrats!

As for the wedding.  It was beautiful!  The Villa was an oasis for sure.  I wish I had more photos to share, but we were a bit busy keeping the kiddos away from the pool and having a blast catching up with friends.  When Gayle’s Papa took her down the aisle, most of us began to cry, I could feel her mother Gale and know she was there.  (Luv you Gale!).  Gayle’s aunt (who looks alot like Gale), wrote a gorgeous poem that was read at the beginning of the ceremony.  It was my favorite part!  Happy Ever After-ing you three! 

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