kiddo daily delight – snow white by roberto piumini

Snow White (Storybook Classics)

The kiddos have been getting into fairy tales of sorts lately.  We’ve been reading various versions of Snow White, and have really enjoyed reading Roberto Piumini’s version

I asked the kiddos to help me write the story of Snow White:


I love writing stories with the kiddos…It’s always better to write it just as they dictate!


The best part is that simple as my drawings are…the kiddos are so easy to please!

3 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – snow white by roberto piumini

  1. OK, Katrina!! When are you illustrating a children’s book? Or better yet, would you ever consider collaborating with me sometime? I could write the text, you could illustrate?

    Your sketches (you call “simple”) are just amazing! They remind me of Quentin Blake’s work. His web site is here:

    • Hello luv, so I’d luv luv luv to illustrate for you! You are amazing! The sketches came from the snow white book…
      Anyways, thx for Quentin Blake’s site…gonna go check it out!

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