development – no more oatmeal {an ode to steel/irish oats}


We had just bought a bag of Steel Cut Oats when I saw Katrina’s post.  The next morning, I woke early and had Irish Oats waiting for the designer when he returned from 5:30 basketball. 

We have all decided that we love the Irish/Steel Oats soo much more than rolled oats…and they are better for you! 

Very easy too:

  • cook in rice cooker (takes about 30 minutes)
  • use 1 part steel oats, 2 parts water (if you’re like us and don’t like mushy oatmeal)
  • enjoy with peaches, bananas, blueberries, a bit of raw sugar, dash of salt, and some almond milk

Oh sooo yummy!

3 thoughts on “development – no more oatmeal {an ode to steel/irish oats}

  1. Yay for steel cut oats! We’ve been eating them almost every day. Jared likes to put in less water, get in boiling, and then add milk (soy, rice, almond) and let it cook the rest of the way. Really good.

  2. My favorite new trick is to put them in the crockpot overnight so I don’t have to wait 30 mins in the morning. That’s what we had for breakfast today! I’ll put in chopped apples or raisins the night before, but wait to add nuts or spices until ready to serve.

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