delight – our last playdate at the condo

11.09 065

11.09 067

11.09 069

11.09 068

11.09 072

Who says it has to be snowing outside to enjoy a bit of sledding?  The kiddos had a blast.  We did have one collision, with poor Stevie, but overall it was a great time had by all.  The explorer kept trying to help Kelly up to walk, leaned over at one point and gave her some sweet kisses.  They sat on the hill together and laughed as he tried to steal her binky. 

I’m sure we’ll find somewhere new to sled…but mostly looking forward to Summer swimming with our friends!

4 thoughts on “delight – our last playdate at the condo

  1. So much fun! My kids take a sled over to the park and sled down the dirt hill–when they can! I ‘ll have to go back and read about your move–I didn’t realize it was this soon!

    • Hello beautiful! I saw you and your gorgeous fam Sunday. We were sitting behind you on the other side. I pointed Ana out to Anneclaire and told her you were my friend…I wanted to come talk with you and say hello, but we had to leave early. Garrett had had it 🙂 and needed a nap. We were staying at Janelle’s for the weekend. I promise to come to your ward next time we’re down. It was so fun to watch your cute family in action. luv you!

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