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African Party Music CD - Cost Plus World Market

So happy to say that music is an integral part of our day.  We play and work to music.  Quiet Time is coming to an end, but the sounds of Putomayo and African Party are coming down to the kitchen where I prepare dinner.  Friday morning we spend with Miss Kristi at Music Together.  By Monday the dancer is already asking to go to Miss Kristi’s house again.  🙂  So we’ll pull out our Music Together book during preschool, sing, move, march around the room, make our own instruments, play on the piano, and just have a great time together. 

Sometimes I wonder if we need a larger piano, or at least an additional bench, for all three of the kiddos will pile on at once and when I play with them it gets a bit crowded.  🙂  We love playing together, even though there are usually three or four melodies going at once…not always so melodious, but I believe it has potential.  🙂 

I also love to set my lil’ acer on the bookshelf in the kitchen and listen as I do the dishes and tidy up.  The dancer will come in and twirl in front of the oven door.  The explorer will join in and get his groove on.  Then they take turns begging me to twirl with them and it is just oh so fun. 

For a while now, my fav music spot on the web has been Last FM.  I love hearing similar artists and their building a library of recommendations for you.  Lately, my latest online music craze is the World Market Radio.  Hours of delightful music brought from all over the world.  Reminds me of my travelin’ and explorin’ days, beautiful people I’m met all over the world, and their cultures that I treasure learning a bit about.  Most importantly, it makes us all happy!

To enjoy the World Markets Radio, just go to the world Market homepage and look on your top right corner.  Beneath “view basket” click on “WM Radio.”  Let me know what you think!

What are your favorite music stops on the web?

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