discovery – i know…i’m selfish…

10.09 519

…but I’ve been thankful this week that the builder cannot read…just yet.  At least not everything that is in his view.

After our preschool session we ran to the grocery store just before lunch for a few needed items.  I was excited to be parked near the entrance and smiled when I saw a car decked-out in “Just Married” excitement.  Cans, marshmallow designs on the windows…that the kiddos particularly enjoyed.  They are in love with marshmallows these days…

Then I noticed that all over the windshield, driver side and passengerside windows had “SEX” and “finally sex…” and “i love sex…” written all over them.

And I am not exagerating…I was relating the story to my friend Lisa this afternoon, when she asked, “was it a red truck/suv?”  Oh, yes it was.  She had seen the same abundant declarations. 

Well there you have it: I am selfishly grateful the builder is still learning to read.  For I wasn’t prepared for the birds and the bees talk yesterday.  Or at least for the next several years for that matter!

For what are you selfishly grateful?  When do you think it is appropriate to have the “talk”?

8 thoughts on “discovery – i know…i’m selfish…

    • I seriously laughed so hard when i read your comment! I think I need to stock up some water balloons to carry in the car so I can clean it when I see it again. 🙂 hee hee

  1. I saw that same SUV yesterday when I was taking Caden to preschool. I read something about “rubbers” and got annoyed that they felt it was alright to have those things written in plain view of kids who could read and would ask their mom questions. UGH! They must have been some real mature married kids!

    • Hi lady 🙂 . So I’m starting to wonder if this person didn’t just get married but are purposely causing mothers in Heber Valley grief! 🙂

  2. Ha ha, i saw the same red truck, it pulled into the fish farm and I barely caught the side window that did infact read sex…it had to be the same one.

  3. mine CAN now read basic words…and that one’s easy to read. 🙂 good thing we live in vegas….oh, wait, we see that word all over around here. we’re doomed. 😉

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