kiddo daily delight – fieldtrips…

Fieldtrips fieldtrips…they have made Fall so much fun!  I’ve been neglecting recording our fav stops…here they are:

Liberty Park in Salt Lake

09.09 219


09.09 252  09.09 251

09.09 240 09.09 258

Willow Park in Park City

09.09 357 09.09 365

09.09 350 

Rock Cliff at Jordanelle Reservoir

09.09 427 09.09 429

Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park

09.09 451 09.09 478

7 Canyons at Liberty Park (seriously, there is soo much to do there…)

09.09 544 09.09 524

What are some of your favorite fieldtrip stops?

One thought on “kiddo daily delight – fieldtrips…

  1. Picking apples at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

    Waterslides at Seven Peaks. (Especially when someone else buys the tickets!)

    Farmer’s Markets- anywhere and everywhere we can find them!

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