delight – just some sweet photos

10.09 115

Oh how I love this lil’ guy!  He brightens our day and leaves us begging for more…

10.09 114

Peek-a-boo, asl, giggles, and an occasional english word or two…luv you lil’ explorer!

10.09 111

The cheesy face…guess where he gets this one from?  Yup…the guys from freshman year used to tease me that I looked drunk when I smiled.  Thx Langy baby!

2 thoughts on “delight – just some sweet photos

  1. What a doll! I just finished reading your post about giving up…I’m horribly behind in blog reading! I certainly feel your pain. (In both ways!) There are a few things that I had to give up for a number of years due to my inability to control my two kiddos. Don’t worry…it gets better. My two kids are starting to understand behavior and consequences, although there are still days…..

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