delight – fall 09 relief society general meeting


So I’m still fired-up. 

I know. 

I’m a bit crazy, but I loved what we Relief Society Women were taught and reminded at Saturday evening’s meeting.  As wild as it sounds…I’ve  even had difficulty sleeping the past few nights because I kept thinking about my renewed commitment and how I can make positive changes in my lifetime to continue this great legacy laid out before us. 

Truly, I have a testimony of being a part of the great cause of Relief Society.

So much to say, but the overwhelming thoughts that have been filling my mind…

I remember vividly being young and single when “Homemaking Meetings” were changed to “Home, Family, Personal Enrichment.”  Yes, it was long, it took pondering and processing time to understand, yet it was packed with wisdom and the direction I needed at that time of my life…a transition into womanhood and how to be an “full participant of Relief Society,” (as Sister Thompson describes). 

The change helped me learn that Relief Society was perfect in purpose, in that it was meant to teach, serve, and strengthen the sisters within the society, within the world, and everyone in between.  I still feel this way.

I loved how Sister Julie Beck reminded us that we need to be serving and sanctifying each sister…using Relief Society time in an inspired way.  Beautifully put.  She also reminded us about Elder Uchtdorf’s call to use our time doing the essential instead of the non-essential. 

My testimony of Relief Society meetings have grown over the years.  I’ve learned to plan and attend activities that encourage health, using the Word of Wisdom, planning for emergencies, setting aside food storage, participate in humanitarian projects, personal development, motherhood & parenting, the divine worth of women, nutrition & healthy cooking, and ultimately,  stregthening my testimony of the Savior and His Divine mission. 

The goals are still the same.  They existed when the Society was organized.   The Relief Society still needs women, visiting teachers who love, and “never suppress a generous thought,” that each sister can be a part of this great society, to understand their role and great worth, and that the purpose of Relief Society will be fulfilled. 

Elder Eyring continued teaching and reminding us of Relief Society’s origin, purpose and legacy.  He encouraged us to continue to pass this great legacy on, “heart to heart.”  I felt the spirit testify these truths as Elder Eyring reminded us that Joseph Smith organized “a society of deeply converted women.” 

My commitment to this great work is to continue to serve, teach, and learn, that I may be one among this deeply converted society.  That I may choose to be a part of “Relief Society Meetings” that will continue this great work.   To support meetings that exemplify the great purpose of Relief Society, and to use the time of my sisters prayerfully. 

What were your thoughts during and since Saturday’s meeting?  What positive changes can we make to follow the inspired council of our leaders?  Where were you when Homemaking became HFPE?

6 thoughts on “delight – fall 09 relief society general meeting

  1. I loved the meeting! I especially loved that I was able to go with my mom and aunt. I also loved Elder Eyring. He is always so inspiring and I really felt his sincerity. I always feel like these meetings give us a booster shot of spirituality that we need every six months or so!

  2. How beautifully you write the tender feeling of your heart here and share them. I am inspired beyond bounds just reading. I was just beginning to listen again to the meeting this afternoon.

    I am reignited to my desire to show my discipleship through more thoughtful care over the sisters whom I visit teach. They are both inactive and I truly desire to show them their Saviors love for them. I loved how Sis. Beck encouraged us to pray for them by name morning and night and promised us that we would grow if we will take this responsibility and give it the care it requires.

    Thank you for being the delightful inspiration that you are!!

    • Luv you Vicki! I love being a VT. There is so much good we can do, and sometimes its truly the little things that matter. One of my gals is super busy = serving a mission at the MTC twice a week, is the newly called Compassionate Service Leader in our ward, and her husband just had surgery last week for a detatched retina. She couldn’t find time for us to visit amidst it all, but when I offered to bring books on tape from the Library for her husband each week till he is well, (who she has been reading to since he can’t read or watch too much tv or computer time), she luved it. Something so easy for me…the kiddos and I go to the library once a week. But it meant so much to them. Whether we are serving the gal who needs so much or doesn’t seem to need us as much, those little things really can do the most good. 🙂

  3. Hi there. I haven’t seen the broadcast yet. Over here in Europe, they just broadcast it right before General Conference on Conference weekend. I have a great love for Relief Society as well. You helped me a year or two ago to really review what the Presidency had really encouraged during the meeting. I love how you incorporate these things so integrally into your life and how you try to apply them immediately.

    • Hi lovely :), I’m excited for you…it is wonderful. What I find interesting is that I commonly are pondering or finding a way to better my self in an area and then they seem to present how to do it. So best to jump on in right? 🙂 I’ll have to write more about what I’ve been thinking and feeling. I’m gonna see what else I learn this weekend…luv you!

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