delight – our laborious day

09.09 112

Tradition:  something you can count on…like breakfast at Whiskey Springs with all the Bergs.  It took me a while to catch on, but now I feel peace and comfort in the expected.  I love waking and sharing pancakes, fruit, hash browns, bacon, and Kathryn’s chocolate milk with everyone.  A hike up the trail, a dip in the stream…

After breakfast, we returned home to do a few things around the house.  The designer quick-creted some needed spots in our foundation and sidewalk.  The kiddos were entranced with the whole process.  The builder was so excited to get to help clean the wheel barrow afterwards.

09.09 117

Soon we were ready to go back to Grandma’s for more cousin and family fun.  Amazingly, we were the first to arrive, so we chilled in the Dale Berg Park, and the kiddos played on the designer’s stonehendge-like rock formations.

09.09 137

Of course the food was delish and the kiddos had a blast with the cousins.

09.09 138

The builder and dancer were in heaven playing with their cool older girl cousins…

One thought on “delight – our laborious day

  1. Looks like fun! Your children are darling. I love traditions….for some reason it makes one feel grounded and secure in something.

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