delight – van’s wedding and temple square visit

09.09 055

The designer and I had the pleasure of becoming friends with Van in the Landscape Architecture program at UNLV.  Van is an incredible artist…students would pay him to help them with their renderings.  He is also a talented musician.  Sounds like he and Jill will make beautiful music together.  They seem like a perfect match.  We wish you both the best.

Funny things to point out about the photo: the builder and dancer would not participate in the photo.  Instead, they were busy climbing the banister.  Jill, Van, the explorer, and I are all about the same head-height.  The designer’s head soars above.  🙂

09.09 056

The kiddos love to visit the temple.  Temple Square is of course a special visit.  Every time we go it seems we discover something new.

09.09 048

This visit was no different.  Today they were particularly enamored with the stone of the building, it’s nooks and crannies.

09.09 047

Missionaries round the square made sure they had photos of the temple, tabernacle, and the Savior.  They were impressed with the Tabernacle’s organ, wooden benches a plenty, and wondered why the musicians weren’t playing.

09.09 061

I particularly enjoyed watching the kiddos reach for and touch the temple doors.  It was a beautiful day.

09.09 073

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