delight – swiss days madness or my becoming a kraut-pounder

09.09 093

Its official: I’m a kraut-pounder!

Before I knew anything about Midway, let alone, Swiss Days, we had fallen in love with our Swiss Oaks condo and put in an offer.  When the designer’s uncle Kent found out we were buying a place in Midway (instead of Heber), he warned us that “they” would turn us into kraut-pounders.

I remember looking at the designer, with wonderment…a kraut-pounder?  

Tonight he took the kiddos to Grandma’s to hang-out with family and watch the BYU-Oklahoma game (yeah for the Y)!  I got to join fellow ward members and take a turn in our food court booth. 

And…we kraut-pounded


Our meal was sauerkraut with a bratwurst, homemade bread with melted butter, a cookie and drink.   It was a blast.  Everything is done assembly-line style.  The tasks are simple and leave plenty of time to chat and enjoy one another.  I loved bouncing around, helping where needed.  New friends, time spent with those I already love (Suzette and Kim).  Can’t wait to do it again next year.

No, I didn’t buy anything at Swiss Days.  I didn’t even visit the booths.  Maybe next year.  It was nice. 

As for the madness: yes, it was crazy.

We had been in Salt Lake today.  There were tons of cars pouring in from Salt Lake this morning.  On our way home there were cars in a dead stop for miles on River Road.  The only place River Road was moving from Main Street Midway to Hwy 40, was the round-a-bout.  Good work Berg Engineering.  Thank goodness for the round-a-bout…oh, and the people finally figuring out how to use it!  🙂 

Were you in the pile up?  Oh I am so sorry if you were.  But it’s all worth it right?  Swiss Days.  Such an adventure!

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