delight – grateful for family & reunion time

08.09 408

I grew up far away from much of our family and relatives, though I always have had a special place for each of them and am grateful for each memory and time spent together.  Yesterday we attended the Madsen Family Reunion at my grandparent’s cabin.  My grandfather and his sister were there leading the crew, lots of my dad’s cousins were there with their spouses, and a few of my aunts and uncle were there as well.  It was not a huge reunion, yet, it gave us the chacne to visit with nearly everyone there. 

One of the things that touched me most was my beautiful Aunt Debra (pictured above), keeping an eye out for the explorer when he had taken a tumble.  She made his day by taking him on a 4-wheeler ride, just his pace…he didn’t want to get off! 

08.09 402

Plenty of porch time was enjoyed.

08.09 401

A wild game of  bocce ball in the weeds, tall grass, up gravel hills and down again. 

08.09 399

The kiddos had all sorts of fun.

08.09 393

We enjoyed the scenery and walked all over.

08.09 363

The swing I’d only seen in my cousins’ blogs…oh, what fun!

08.09 369

The dancer feel in love with the swing…this gal has guts.

08.09 380

After she’d had a few turns, the builder “tried and he liked it!”

08.09 406

So much fun to see everyone…it was a beautiful time.

Have you been reunion-ing this Summer?

3 thoughts on “delight – grateful for family & reunion time

      • Thanks! Its hard to be the photographer and be in the picture. So photographically speaking, I don’t love it. But we are all looking at the camera and mostly smiling so that is as much as we can ask for with 12 people.

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