development – painting of timpanogos temple

08.09 303

8×10″ oil on canvas.  Timpanogos was the first temple dedication I attended.  I loved the “Hosanna Shout” at the end, and of course the beautiful feeling of rejoicing that came with the dedication.  The following Spring, some of my best friends and I celebrated as another best friend and roomie, Jenn, was sealed to her hubby Albert in the Timpanogos Temple.  It was a beautiful day. 

What is your favorite temple/cathedral/sacred spot?

3 thoughts on “development – painting of timpanogos temple

  1. It was fantastic to meet you last night! I only wish we had been able to talk more. I scanned Terresa’s blog this morning looking for a link to your blog, but couldn’t find one. I’m glad you came to visit me!

    What a beautiful painting! You’ve obviously worked hard to attain the skills you have. My favorite temple is the Nauvoo Temple, since that’s where I was married. Manti is another fave, though.

    • Hi Alyssa 🙂
      So cool that you were married in the Nauvoo temple, I love that one too, visiting and reading about the history there have made it a special place in my heart. The designer and I were married in the Manti temple.

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