development – painting of girl cousins at bear lake


A favorite memory from our trip to Bear Lake last week, was painting the girl cousins building a sandcastle together at the beach.  After I got my easel set up, a couple of them came over to see what I was painting.  When I told them that they were my subjects, their eyes lit up and they industriously went at their creation…periodically running back to check my progress. 

It was my first attempt at oil painting figures, so it took a bit longer, but the girls were so supportive and inquisitive.  They wanted to know my process, why the background was fuchsia, when I would paint the water, etc.  It was a wonderful plein air event on the beach. 

Later that day, Grandma Berg brought out some needlepoint to help the grand-daughters learn basics, preparatory to learning some cross-stitch.  Of course I helped the dancer (did most of it), but she would help remind me to go “up and down” with the yarn, and was particular about the colors we used.  We all had a fun time together, JuLee and I singing the song from Disney’s  Sword in the Stone: ” In and out, up and down…that’s what makes the world go ’round…”  The older girls loved it and I know this will be a fun project for them to do with their grandma. 

The designer and his mom have suggested my painting watercolors with the cousins next year…I’m really looking forward to it.  🙂

As for my subjects: from the left are Ashlynn, Haley, Maci (standing), Maile (sitting below her), Rebecca, and the dancer is below them all, enjoying the puddles.

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