development – handmade stamps via geninne

06.09 919

I’ve been reading Geninne’s Art Blog for quite some time…it is truly lovely as well as creativity inspiring.  She knows just how to make life’s moments more beautiful, simple things exquisite. 

Geninne uses watercolors to make nature and it’s inhabitants jump alive with detail and color.  Some of my favorite Geninne creations of late can be seen here and here.

Stamps are one of her art mediums…handmade stamps.  You can read and watch her tutorials here.  Well, they inspired me enough to make my own one day.  It was soo much fun.  As the dancer was doing stamps, I sat and carved my own.  I’ll get used to the speedball cutter and hope to refine my skills.  Though, I believe that the stamps are ever so forgiving.  Definitely something I think I can do with the kiddos…at least, for a while, have them do the design and I cut…until they are a lil’ older.  Just one more fun thing to do with them.

Geninne has an incredible art studio she shares with her also talented boys.  You can see their work here.  As for the amazing Geninne, she has an etsy shop here that you will want to visit.  Have a great time…oh, and tell me if she inspires you to make something magical as well!  🙂

Thanks again Geninne…having soo much fun!

06.09 921

One thought on “development – handmade stamps via geninne

  1. it is funny that you mention her, earlier today i was looking at her blog after i found it on your blog roll. i thought it was great. thank you for that reference.

    a couple of years ago i made stamps with my girls. we used fabric paint and customize our own linens. it came out great.


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