delight – mom’s new green kitchen

04.09 531

After months of eating in the garage, cooking on the grill and a hot plate, sitting round a small table to dine in the winter months without heat, my parents, brothers, and Grommie are happily eating in the grandest of green kitchens.  🙂

04.09 537

I do love the extra large farm sink…so many dishes can sit within, patiently awaiting their turn.

04.09 536

The goblets are lit and peaking through the glass of their cupboards overhead.

04.09 526

We ate comfortably round the French table in it’s extended size.  The new buffet built into the window was another favorite addition.  So glad they left the patio door so that we can enjoy the porch swing and the large tree reaching up through the trellis.  So glad you’re enjoying your green kitchen mom! 

04.09 540

8 thoughts on “delight – mom’s new green kitchen

    • Ever since I was five my parents have lived in the same home in Yorba Linda, CA. (northern orange county). The house has changed much inside and out (we had a terrible fire within when I was 16). But it always feels like home. I saw the oldest of my brothers last night (he goes to the Y), and today we got to pick up my second brother, Brigham, going with his friends to volleyball camp at the Y this week. Seeing my family often makes home not as far away. 🙂 How are you feeling with your move? Oh, and I thought the photo you took of me was oh, so fun. lol! We’ve got a couple weeks of family va-k coming up, but I’d love to plan another playdate field trip soon, so I’ll be in touch. xoxo, trina

      • How fun that they’ve been in the same house all this time! My parents have lived in 6 houses in my lifetime in four different cities. Of course home is always where your family is. I’m starting to feel more at home here. Still have lots to do around the house. We’ll be out of town the first week of August, but I would LOVE to get together again!

  1. I love their new kitchen. I’d only seen their old one once. it was nice, but seemed way more cramped than what they have now. How fun!

  2. That kitchen is to die for! Oh, my! I’m thinking your Mom just looks around and thinks, oh yes, it was worth the hassle!

  3. Sunee,
    Did you get my response?
    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
    Anyway, just in case you didnt I love love love
    your kitchen. High class, a masterpiece! Great
    job, my friend.
    You are a blessed woman!!
    Love you, Sheri

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