kiddo daily delight – a child’s garden of verses by robert louis stevenson


I’ll admit it: blogging can be so overwhelming at times.  Though, I feel driven to record in order to progress.  So I try and make changes to my focus…how we do things…

The result (perhaps you’ve noticed), 🙂 I’m trying to post only once a day, and sometimes (like the 4th, I just give up).  kiddo daily delights are too important to us to miss a day, though, I just cannot find time to do everything and blog about it as well. 

So the latest is to post two kiddo daily delight posts a week:

  1. of our kiddo daily delight with friends – that we do on Tuesday morning…yes, you are always welcome.  Leave me a comment if you have questions/need directions.
  2. to choose 1 book a week – and do activities all week long around the book and themes discovered within.

And there you have it.  🙂  This week, we’ve been drinking in much of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poetry found within A Child’s Garden of Verses, illustrated by Joanna Isles.   If I were to choose some overall themes within the poetry chosen, I’d say…

  • adventure
  • travel
  • outdoors
  • imagination


It fits right along with much of the kiddos’ burning desires of late.  One lovely afternoon this week, just the builder and I read together (the others were napping).  We nearly read the entire collection.  Some of our favorite poems within the lovely book:

  • Pirate Story
  • Looking Glass River
  • Good Play
  • Where Go the Boats
  • My Bed is Like a Boat
  • The Swing

Here are some of our latest outdoor adventures:

landscaping with dad…or at least exploring grandma’s solar lights

05.09 724

park adventures with friends

05.09 897 05.09 898

exploring our adjacent field – full of bugs, deer, and growing things of all kinds.

05.09 813

gardening – oh how they love to help me water with the strainer (idea from our neighbor Janet…no, we don’t have a traditional watering can).  🙂  The best is their excitement as they count our growing tomatoes or peppers. 

05.09 316

forging new paths – or sledding through the tall grass with Preston

06.09 541

What exciting outdoor adventures have been occupying your time this Summer?

2 thoughts on “kiddo daily delight – a child’s garden of verses by robert louis stevenson

  1. yes blogging get get a bit overwhelming.
    i need to organize my schedule as well. i think that will make things a bit easier. as for summer adventures? i feel like this summer is one big adventure. we are outside most of the time. we haven’t really been following a theme per say, but we have been reading and drawing a lot about the ocean. i will update some works from “flotsman” tonight on my blog. we do go to the beach as often as we can, it is conveniently 10 minuets drive from our house. i did just read a beautiful post about chasing a rainbow this is the link

    have a great summer


    • Hi Tali :),

      How wonderful that you are 10 minutes from your new house right? I’ll head over and read about flotsman…thx for the rainbow link. What a beautiful moment with kiddos and their dog. I loved the journey they took. Definitely something we’ll have to do soon for it has been raining frequently here (such a pleasantry). It reminded me of the builder’s first rainbow that we followed in our car one night:

      luv to you and your darlings,

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