reflections – our tiny uninvited house guest


We have a beautiful serving dish that my Aunt Diane gave the designer and I at my bridal shower…it is used everyday…holding fresh veggies and fruit.  Wednesday morning, I came upstairs to find a banana bitten right through the peel.  I thought we hadn’t been careful when choosing produce the other day.

Then yesterday morning, three apples and another banana had been similarly snacked during the night.  Our garbage in the garage had been attacked as well.  Surely, I thought, it must be one of the neighborhood cats. 

Or condo is without air-conditioning (at least the kind we are used to in our modern world).  We crack the windows at night, close the house up in the morning, draw the velvet drapes on the west side as the afternoon approaches, and when things begin to cool, we turn on the fan and open the north windows, front door, and garage, for the prevailing wind is blowing north/south.  We’ve embraced our new cooling regime without thought of other creatures enjoying our abode as much as us.

Yesterday we decided we have a mouse guest.  Last night the designer bought some traps, set out some different foods: almond butter, apple, cheese, etc. and we waited.  Sure enough, we heard our house guest making himself at home.  (Our hard-wood floors are particularly good at sending the sound below to our bedroom).  So we laid together listening to the tiny intruder.  The designer would run up and check whenever a loud sound was made (hoping it would be one of his traps). 

Then we heard the mouse making his way downstairs and soon he was rummaging behind our dresser with our chords.  The designer wanted to catch him in something.  I just wanted him to go back out to the field from where I was sure he had arrived.  The patio door was cracked and I lay sideways on the bed, head propped, hoping to see him make a run for it. 

I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and when the designer returned from looking for a flashlight, I gave up and fell asleep (it was nearly 1 am). 

The designer continued to try and outwit the mouse till half-past 1.  He saw the mouse a couple times (a large one), and even threw a couple things at him…though the mouse is rather quick.  The kiddos and I slept through all this, however. 

When I woke to feed the explorer (around 5:30 this morning), our bedroom door was shut, as well as the kiddo’s room.  The mouse had come into our room again after I’d fell asleep, prompting the designer’s protective actions.

Well, we still have a house guest.  The smart fellow ate everything the designer trapped and must be very clever.  But the designer has a few more tricks up his sleeve that he will be trying out tonight.  Till then, I try to ignore the occasional rustling I hear from behind the oven or fridge… 🙂

Have you had an unwanted house guest this season?  Better yet, any advice for these novice bed&break-fast-ers?

2 thoughts on “reflections – our tiny uninvited house guest

  1. I have the perfect Daily Delight book for you! Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley. Definitely try to get your hands on this one, full of fun pictures and predictions. . . the book that is and hopefully that mouse soon too. I know that my Dad has been a pretty good mouse catcher in days past. I will have to see if he has any advice.

  2. Oh, Jessi, missing you already! Thanks for the book suggestion…I’ll go look at the library. Carl barricaded a way out the front door last night…we slept with the door open, but the mouse just stayed in the oven. So this morning, we carried the oven outside. He’s up there right now taking it apart in hopes of getting the mouse out. I’ll let you know. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you dad the mouse expert has to say though! luvs

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