development – plein air paradise ’09: jonny’s place


The fourth and final plein air painting in the main event.  Nance and I painted this charming home together in the morning.  JuLee (my amazing MIL) came to my rescue in the afternoon as I finished the piece.  Afterwards, I chatted with Liz who lives in one of the designer and I’s favorite pot-rock homes in the valley… just across the street.  Her husband has done some incredible work on their home.  That night, I fell asleep at 7 pm…too much excitement!

As for Jonny’s Place:  I believe it is the designer’s favorite Midway home.  It is incredible.  A second home, and yet there were visiting family staying there these past few days.  As we were driving to Grandma’s Sunday afternoon, we stopped and chatted with Linda and Penny.  They enjoyed the painting and offered us a tour of the beautiful home.  Back in ’02, it was even featured in Martha’s Living Magazine as the holiday home. 

So it’s original construction is of pot-rock, then eventually some siding over that (pale pink I think).  Finally, the current owner added a turret, a beautiful shade of grey stucco, and a tree-carved statue of Jonny Appleseed.  It is simply lovely!

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