kiddo daily delight – eric carle’s from head to toe


Ever since the dancer and I attended Maile’s ballet recital, she is infatuated with asking me to “go dance with Maile?”  I’ve been turning on music for her, dancing with her, and helping her dress up for the occasion, but it hasn’t been enough.

I thought we needed to do some movement with our friends for our kiddo daily delight this week.  We read Eric Carle’s From Head To Toe together, and the kiddos moved along with the book.  Soon we were moving like other animals and creatures across the grass:

  • hopping like a bunny
  • crawling like a crocodile
  • shaking like a wet dog
  • twirling like a dancer
  • kicking like a bug on it’s back
  • skipping like a fairy…

07.09 057

We moved in a circle, made shapes with our bodies,

07.09 059

As well as letters of the alphabet.

Thanks for another wonderful morning everyone…we soo look forward to our Tuesday morning!


What are your favorite Eric Carle books?  Or better yet, what are your favorite movement inspiring books?

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