delight – elder holland’s comments today

06.09 341

I just wanted to record and share the things (mostly for the designer, who was in the hall, but also for anyone else interested) that I remembered from Elder Jefferey R. Holland’s talk this morning. 

The builder and dancer and I were returning from a potty break, so we missed his opening statements (please add comments if you were there). 

He talked about blessings of the sacrament…remember I missed some of this…

  • the sacrament hymn – (i think that was the first)
  • focusing on the sacrament– the chapel was filled, people were seated all the way to the back of the gym, on the stage, and within the choir seats on the stand.  The Sacrament Ordinance took till 20 minutes to the hour and the Aaronic Priesthood blessed the water three times.  🙂  Elder Holland thanked them for their service and praised the opportunity to have a long passing of the sacrament…time to reflect, and felt that more meetings should focus as much on the Sacrament. 
  • the importance of partaking the sacrament – our kiddos were having a sort-of hangover from the candy overdose and excitement from the 4th, so it was not our easiest reverent day.  I was feeling a bit guilty for our distraction to those around us, but was so grateful when Elder Holland gave everyone in the congregation “an “A” for the day” for partaking of the sacrament this weekend.  He spoke of the many wonderful things we can do and how we celebrate together, but that the important thing is that we were with our families, partaking of the Sacrament, together. 

Then he went on to talk about our Liberties within the United States and celebrating the 4th.  He reminded us that there is sacred land wherever members of Christ’s church reside.  That this land has been blessed to allow the restoration, and that we do enjoy liberties that he is grateful.  He asked us to pray for people everywhere…for their liberty, for their opportunities to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He specifically asked us to pray for the people he is over, where there is turmoil and danger daily and where temples and members are in danger.  He reminded us that the war is real and that is continues to rage as it did in Heaven…that it has not stopped and that our Heavenly Father needs each of us to do our part.  That there is much for us to do. 

I wish I could remember everything…it was a special thing to point him out to the kiddos and explain his special friendship and relationship with Jesus Christ.  He concluded with a a beautiful blessing to us all…and to each of you. 

Thank you, Elder Holland for your love, your testimony (he mentioned that he could not believe more than he does…that he has a perfect knowledge of the Savior), your mission, and your example. 

06.09 340

3 thoughts on “delight – elder holland’s comments today

    • 🙂 The photos were taken in Provo Canyon this month…I thought their colors were patriotic. 🙂 The designer and I have a thing for penstemon (the pink flower).

  1. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. With regularly 100 degree day weather, we’re well into the brown part of the year. Thanks for sharing the comments.

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