kiddo daily delights – henny-penny by jane wattenberg


The kiddos (all three of them) are really into animals these days.  Their names, sounds, where they live, asl signs, if they come from an egg, etc.  

Henny-Penny, retold and illustrated by Jane Wattenberg has wonderful illustrations of farm animals and a moral to go with it.  Stimulating conversations, that can only come from toddler and preschoolers tend to follow.  (We also read another equally wonderful version by Paul Galdone).


Our week’s activities related to this wonderful story and topic: 

Wheeler Farm – Our playgroup visited Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake.  The kiddos and I had never been.  We had a marvelous time. 

The explorer was in love with the pigs (his favorite animal to sign) and the tractor hay ride…he was a disaster when the tractor stopped. 

06.09 194 06.09 196

The builder loved taking his own ride on the tractors, and was very interested in the different eggs we were seeing all over the farm.

06.09 163 06.09 203

The dancer loved the roosters.  I loved her pursed lips as she “cock-a-doodle-doed.”   She also loved parasol-ing with miss Stevie Kate.

06.09 146 06.09 210

finger-paint– Our latest craze.  The kiddos created farm animals with their finger-paint.  The builder loved his turkey so much that he insisted the designer hang it in his office at work. 

06.09 227 06.09 220

children’s museum – To celebrate the explorer’s birthday, we went to dinner and the museum as a family.  It was a fun-filled evening.  The kiddos always enjoy the museum.  I love how everytime they go, there is something new for them to explore.  This visit, the explorer was very into the water center.  The dancer was practicing her driving and loading skills with the hay and truck.

06.09 301 06.09 310

As for next week?  I think we’ll learn more about eggs…

06.09 303

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