delight – celebrating the explorer, birth story revisited

Dearest explorer,
As I reflect on the past year of joy you have brought to our little family, I am so grateful you chose us.  We will never be the same.  You have filled a spot that was only yours to fill.  Those eyes: mischievous and loving, your smile: so understanding and kind, your kisses: sweet and passionate, that squeal: not to be missed. 
We love you so much.  Thank you for loving each of us.  As you find yet another way to empty the dishwasher or get into the cleaning closet, all I can do is smile.  Enjoy your special day.  Here’s to many more. 
Luv you,
Below is the explorer’s birth story (a planned home-birth and a water birth).  Enjoy!
hand-n-hand June 14, 2008
I wanted to write my son’s story while it was fresh in my mind:
Just before 6 am Thursday morning, I woke famished and was feeling a bit of “something.” I couldn’t wait for everyone to wake and decided to make myself breakfast: a three egg omelet, orange juice, and toast. My mom has been up since late Monday night, helping me prepare for this little one’s arrival. I was really hoping that he would come while she was here. As I finished cooking, she woke and I apologized for waking her so early. I explained that I was feeling things, but they felt like the previous 4 false alarms, so I didn’t want to get excited.
Though, it was my “due date” according to Richelle, our midwife, and how many false alarms can you have anyways? 🙂 Mom went to shower and get ready just in case. I decided to take a shower as well. My husband was very tired. As I was getting dressed he woke and saw me moving around, and asked if I was having contractions. I laid down for a minute, and he asked what he could do to help me. My response was more of a plea, “Don’t let them stop…”
It was about 7:30 am when the active labor began. I was pretty sure that this was it. We called Richelle, the contractions got stronger, and Mom and the kiddos took off to spend some time with my husband’s Mom.
Amazing how each delivery is different. I found that if I would use my modern dance “center,” the contractions were easier to bear. Moving really does help.
Not long after mom and the kiddos were gone (9:30), and the house was peaceful, I began to beg my husand to fill up the tub. Experienced doula that he is, reminded me that this was going to take a while and that I should hold off as long as possible. That didn’t last long. I really wanted to be in that warm water…the back labor was getting worse. And I could feel the difference between contractions: every once in a while I could feel myself opening as one would come (dilating I’m sure, just don’t remember feeling it with the first two kiddos).I asked my husband for a blessing. This labor was different and I wasn’t sure what to do next. One of the things he told me during the blessing was that Jesus was pleased with my choice to have this baby and that it was a necessary part of His Atonement. He blessed me with the power to overcome the pain.

Thinking about Christ’s Atonement made a big difference for me, I now had the vision that I needed to complete this mission. Knowing that even though the pain was surprisingly different, the power to overcome it was available, I knew that it was His Atonement that would help me.

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2 thoughts on “delight – celebrating the explorer, birth story revisited

  1. Hi, I saw a comment you made on progressive pioneer and came over to check out your blog. What a lovely little place you have here. 🙂 And I love your birth story! I had tons of pre-term labor with my little guy that included two hospital stays and bedrest, so I know a little about false alarms. I’d love to have a homebirth someday.

    • So happy to have you here! Thanks for your comments, my heart goes out to you with your pre-term labor scares. I hope your dream comes true one of these days!

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