development – yard sale prep


As we were driving home from Grandma’s Sunday night, we saw all the Yard Sale signs from past sales still hanging all over town.  So we began a hunt with the kiddos.  They loved pointing out where they saw the brightly colored signs.  One of the signs had blown into one of the north fields where cows were grazing.  I hoped two sets of barbed-wire fencing to rescue the sign.  The designer said that the cows were momentarily alarmed.  Good thing I was quick and didn’t notice.  I really don’t know much about cows.  

Truly a new family game.    Even tonight, driving through town, people were beginning to put up signs for tomorrow’s yard sale frenzy.  The builder called out that there was a sign, and was confused as to why momma wasn’t jumping out of the car and running across Main to get it.  New rules…sorry bud!  We’ll have to find another great game (after the sale tomorrow night, we can take all our signs down…)!

Last night, Rock Star Lesa came over and helped the designer and I “power price” our items.  We got quite the system going at the end (seriously too proud of ourselves :)!), and all that I had to price today was clothing.  Thank you Lesa!  You are the best!

If you’re around Midway tomorrow morning, come on over.  Otherwise, send us happy thoughts as it is supposed to rain.   I am dreaming of parking the Sienna in the garage tomorrow evening…here’s to hoping!

Anyone else Yard Sale-ing tomorrow?  If so, good luck to you!

4 thoughts on “development – yard sale prep

  1. We had our yard sale a few weeks ago…a little late for good weather here in LV. It was toasty and I felt sun-beaten afterwards. But we met some great people & netted $225 and for 4 hrs work, it wasn’t too shabby. One lesson learned: for our yard sale next year, *I’m* doing the signs. 😉

    • Wow, I would be soo happy with half your net, though I just really want to park in the garage! Sounds like we need a choc-o-chip yard sale post to help us novice!

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