giveaway – happy first anniversary!


Wow.  A whole year of finding joy and daily delight! 

Well, let’s celebrate then!   Do you have a favorite home, building, or place you would like remembered?  Perhaps it is a dream-home, or your childhood home, or a hotel/b&b you visited at a child…the Eiffel tower you loved to visit…or always wanted to… 

Well, here’s your chance! The winner of this giveaway will receive an 8×10 original oil painting commission of a favorite place.  To enter?  Just leave a comment below and tell me what you would want me to paint!

So I’m thinking this would be a fabulous Father’s Day gift to your Father, Husband, etc.  Especially if you have a memory or sentimental place you’ve shared.  🙂  Feel free to tell your friends and family!

This giveaway will end Sunday, June 7th at midnight MST.  I’ll announce the winner Monday. 

Best of luck to all.  And happy place thinking and dreaming!

p.s.  Thanks to Rebecca for posting about the giveaway on her blog!  I’ll give an extra entry to Rebecca and anyone else who wants to post about it on their blog with a link back to this post.  Just leave me a comment that says you’ve done so.  🙂


The results are in!  Click here to find out who won~!!!

44 thoughts on “giveaway – happy first anniversary!

  1. I would love to have a southern utah landscape painted!! You are so talented. I like your new layout. You pretty much rock.

  2. Oooooo…another giveaway! I love your giveaways. I’m still sad about the baby clothes picture (but am really considering commissioning one from you).

    I can’t decide what I’d want you to paint for sure, but it might be our first house, or this house, or David’s parents’ house, or…well, you can see my problem. Actually, I think I’d choose our first house, a little cottage surrounded by trees.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. What a generous and unique giveaway. If I won, I guess the front of my house which is pretty nice looking. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Hi, I am Rebecca’s sister- in-law! Your paintings are so beautiful! I think I would like you to paint my grandma and grandpa’s first house. It meant a lot to my dad and he had to tear it down last year. Or, if it doesn’t have to be a house I might want a picture of Southern Utah. We just moved there and it would be fun to have. Thanks for doing this giveaway. What a fun way to celebrate your one year anniversary!

  5. Hey! This is such an awesome giveaway! Very generous. Um, if I was to win, I’d want a picture of the San Elijo beach/ocean area. There’s a campground there and that place really means a lot to my husband. Or, A mountain/horse picture (I dunno if you do horses) for my dad. I’ll be sure to post this giveaway on my blog.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! What an awesome idea for a painting/giveaway! If I won I would either like an oil painting of the Las Vegas temple or of my husband’s grandfather’s house. He passed away over a year ago and it was very difficult for all of us. My father-in-law was raised in the same house and my husband has many childhood memories of the house. I’d love to be able to capture their memories in a painting for them. Thank you.

  7. Very nice work! I’m a Art Director, Husband and proudly a Father of two teenage daughters (18 and 15). We have just moved from a very unique brick tutor style home filled with 18 years of memories. I have a painting the house that I have done in acrylics, but your style is much different from mine. If I won, It would be of the inside of the house, a cast iron staircase built in the 1920’s. My daughters have walked down the steps for Christmas surprises, First Dates and proms. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. Wow…what an amazing artist you are…I am always telling my hubby how nice it would be to have a picture of Christ in our home…I know, I know…we’ve been married for 12 years and we still don’t have one…how special it would be for me to win it for him for Father’s Day!!! I can’t believe how generous you are to do this giveaway…

  9. Hi Lady!!

    I would want “Grandpa’s Mountain”. I have such happy memories of that place, and he just loved it up there!

    You’re great! love you!

  10. Your style fits AWESOME with my dream painting … of the old “Utah” Theater just down the street from us (and down the street from Rebecca’s old house) up here in Logan. You would have as much fun painting it as I would winning your painting, I promise!

  11. I want a painting of McGee Creek where man of my summers were spent as a child around this creek and it’s ponds. It’s a place not a building per-say!
    Love you and all your amazing talents!

  12. Katrina – Love your paintings! Fun to hear the update on your little family. Can’t believe Garrett is already 1!!! The twins will be 6 months old next week… I think that deserves a celebration too!

    Anyway, if I won, I’d love a painting of our old house…. And then I’d commission you to do our new house after it has a facelift. 🙂

    Love to you all,
    Lisa and family

  13. Katrina – I love your web site. (or blogspot) I wish I knew how to do things with mine. You are so clever. I would love to win your contest. I am going to rever my daughters and daughter – in – laws to look at it. Is the picture you show of the flowers and chair the one you are giving away or are you doing one that someone asks you to paint. I just love both pictures you have on your blogspot. They are awesome. If you did one for me, I would just love one of something in Midway. Thanks for having such a great website. I am going to look at it more tomorrow. ”Nancy Jones

  14. Katrina, you are such a talented artist. Looking at one of your paintings is like getting a hug from an old friend, they’re so full of warmth and joy!

    I would love to have a painting of my grandparents house in Marysville, OH, where my mother now lives. It was built in the 1920’s and is a source of many of my favorite childhood memories.


  15. This is a very generous giveaway, and is making me think twice about what I love in Utah. I think it might be the mouth of East Mill Creek. We lived there for 5 years and I miss it. Riding my bike up the canyon is one of my best memories.

  16. Treens- so exciting! I would love to see you paint the cabin in the fall maybe with elk in front:)

  17. Oh…I would love a painting for either Steve or my Dad. Have to think on what….my Dad would probably like a Timp landscape from the Heber side. Steve would probably like a painting of the house he grew up in.

    You are awesome!

  18. What an awesome give away! I think I would love to have a painting done of a scene from my husband’s mission in Russia, possibly Red Square or a country side. I’d have to look through his mission pics and find a perfect one. That would make an awesome first-father’s day gift! P.S. I am a friend of Becky’s, and you are so talented!!

  19. Wow, you are an amazing artist. I absolutely love your style. I never win anything, but this is so worthwhile, I have to give it my best shot.

    If I were to miraculously win, I would like a painting of Rio De Janiero, where my husband served his mission…with the hill that has the Christ statue on top. I know he would love it.

  20. I love your website–especially the beautiful food. We have recently moved from Washington, D.C. to Lima, Peru and what we would like to win is a picture of our beloved home in Alexandria, VA. We miss it so much.

  21. My family and I love Zions. It is a place traquility for us. It would be awesome to catch that in a painting! -Heather

  22. Hi Treen
    Happy anniversary! So good to hear from you… it looks like you doing really well. Your paintings are so beautiful. If I were to commission a painting, it would be of Montara mountain as it juts out into the sea at San Pedro Point, south of San Francisco.

  23. I would like a Duck Creek/ Zions landscape with a waterfall in the far scape. Why? Last tme we were there, 2 weeks ago, we found the boy scout markers that tell of the almost 100 year history of the lumber mill that was there. It is pristine location and knowing more about the past brings more color to the future!

  24. Hi Katrina! What a beautiful talent you have! My husband currently works for the Senate Judiciary committee, which has been such a unique and enjoyable experience for him. I would love to have a painting of the U.S. Capitol to give him as a surprise to remember this time in our lives.

  25. I’d love a picture of Central Park! We just moved to Manhattan and it is one of my favorite places out here!

  26. oooh…please pick me. you are so talented i can hardly stand it. i am not sure what i would want you to paint yet…maybe my mom’s garden…but i will be thinking about it diligently.

  27. Hey Katrina. Your painting are beautiful. My husband grew up at the foothill of Mt. Rainer. I think he would love a painting of that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m the winner:)

  28. Wellll….I would love a picture of either the house my mother was born in (Castledale, Utah) or Uncle Jack’s Farm. Big Congrats on your anniversary !! Rebecca is right…you TOTALLY ROCK !!
    Luv Ya !!

  29. This is so cool Trina!!! I had no idea that you even paint. Well, I must enter so I think the building i would want to have painted would be the point bistro ( a little eating spot on the U campus) Justin and i spent a lot of time there while we were dating and it holds a special place in our hearts with lots of wonderful memories. I am posting this on our blog right now! Fun to see what you’re up to.

  30. WOW! Girl…. you are GOOD! I would LOVE to have one of your Fabulous paintings in my home.
    I would love a painting of Me {or a close resemblance} and a Butterfly flying out of my hand. 🙂 with kindof a Mystical theme…. ya know what i mean?

    or even a picture of ME with Butterfly Wings. 🙂

    i love butterflies… can you tell?

  31. Congratulations on 1 year! I adore your work, just beautiful. I think I would love to have you paint a picture of my husband’s parents beach house in Huatabampo, Mexico. He loves it there and lived there for several years. He would love this as a Father’s Day gift.

  32. Hi, Trina:

    I think I’d have you paint me a picture of the succulent garden which is in our front yard and actually thriving! Thank you again for your good advice and counsel!!!!!

  33. Hi Katrina,
    Everything is gorgeous – website, family, paintings! So, I think Father’s Day would be perfect with a photo of my parents cabin in Big Bear. There’s my entry…

  34. I think rural utah has so many awesome aspects to it – especially some of the places in sanpete where a lot of pioneers settled…..I also think a view of the utah valley from sqwa peak would be absolutley lovely! (oops is that 2?) I don’t know if id win – but I know you’d do an amazing job with whomever you chose!! I love your paintings!!

  35. Hi Katrina!

    My Grandparents lived on the Missouri River between Craig and Cascade MT for 40+ years. Their house was on a beautiful bend in the river. We would sit out on the back deck and watch for deer, cougar, bear, blue herons, elk, and the occasional moose. Across the river a train track hugs the mountain. As soon as any of us cousins would hear the train coming we would start hollering until we were all assembled shoulder to shoulder along the River bank (the oldest at any given time was probably 12). Anxiously, we would wait for the caboose. Standing there in our play clothes and skinned knees the guessing would begin on how long it would be until the end of the train would come. As soon as we would see it, another round of hollering would ensue as we furiously pumped our arms up and down signaling to the conductor in the caboose that we would REALLY like him to sound the train’s whistle for us. He would give us the arm signal back and let the whistle blare a few times. We loved it! Then we would run along the bank until the train was out of site. My Grandmother outlived my Grandfather and stayed in that house alone for about 8 years. She then realized that being in her 80s, she couldn’t keep the property up any longer. She sold the house in 2006 and moved into Helena. Sadly, she passed away about 10 months ago. What wonderful memories we have of that place…

    If you paste this link in your browser you can see the area:

  36. Katrina,

    My husband paints too, but he only does watercolor now for the simple fact of easy clean up. If I were to have you paint something, I think it would be my Grandma’s summer cottage. I grew up going there as a child. I would spend hours swimming in the lake, playing in the sand, fishing for blue gills, and sun bathing on the pier. I have such amazing memories of those summers!

  37. OK, Katrina, I’m being greedy. I want another entry just that bad 🙂 and linked to you from my blog. I’m sorry I didn’t notice that offer earlier so I could have linked before now, but I know my friends will love your art AND Daily Delights.

  38. I would love a picture of my grandparents cabin, in Interlaken. They have both passed away, but they bulit that cabin by hand in the 70’s. I have fond memories in that cabin.

  39. My life changed instantly when my husband proposed to me in 1997. Standing on the rocks at Pemaquid lighthouse in Maine, watching the ocean waves crash upon the boulders, he popped the question that I’d dreamed of hearing. That location has significance and stands as a symbol to us of our lives together. Life won’t always be smooth sailing, but we know that we have love to light our way.

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