theory – thankful for motherhood

05.09 195

Its been 4 years, and I still forget that I am included in this lovely day of Motherhood.  Truly, it will always be a day to think about my mom, and the mothers that have made such a difference in my life.  Many of these mothers, (friends, aunts, etc.), have not borne children of their own, yet, they have cared for me and those that I love…using those skills and qualities of mothers that are truly innate in all women.

Today, I’m just grateful for the blessing of motherhood.

Thankful that the designer chose me to be the mother of his children.

Thankful for the kiddos, their patience and love as I figure out this daunting role, and work to become the mother I really want to be.

Grateful for the motherhood training that occurred throughout my life – that began long before the birth of the builder.

Gratitude for those who have gone before, led by example, shown ways to be a wonderful mother.

Eternally thankful for our heavenly parents, for our Father in Heaven, for His Plan and the offer to be a mother.  For our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Atonement that made it all possible.

Happy to continue this journey…I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

05.09 232

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